How does NearMeGuides work?

With the help of NearMeGuides, you can search for the most relevant and closest businesses around you based on your needs. Simple enter your address and type of business you are looking for into the search app and it will return relevant and close businesses in your area.

Do I need to pay to use NearMeGuides?

No. The use of NearMeGuides to find local businesses and solutions in your area is completely free of charge.

Where did you get my company details from? I never registered on your website.

NearMeGuides public data is from to help to give your business good exposure. As a business owner you have the right to change, modify, or delete data from NearMeGuides.

How Do I add my company to your website?

Simply contact us at [email protected] and we will get back to you asap.

Can you help me setup and optimize my NMG profile?

Yes, we do provide services to help businesses best optimize their local profiles on a variety of platforms, including Yelp.

I found my company’s details on your website but they are not accurate, how can I change them?

Simply contact us at [email protected] and we will update the information for you.

I’m a local business – can I advertise my company on your website?

Yes, we offer a full suite of advertisement and local marketing services for local businesses. Cantact us at [email protected].